Ok, cauliflower rice has effected my life more than I though  a vegetable could. You see, when I first started cooking healthy, it didn’t go very well. My family isn’t big on cooking or health, and I’ve never been one to follow recipes. It was a mess. But hey, you’ve got to start somewhere, right? So, my friends birthday was coming up. She wanted me to bake her healthy brownies…So I did. And I brought them to school. And she shared it with just about everyone. Did I mention how awful these brownies were? Yeah, awful. Like, really bad. Anyways, my reputation as a cook kind of went down hill. Then, an event came up and I signed up to cook. Hell yeah, I was turning that rep around. I forced myself to follow a recipe, and oh my god. Thank god I did. If you haven’t yet, go buy the cookbook Well  Fed. I made her curry cauliflower rice and morrocon meatballs. They were to die for! I did replace the lamb with chicken though. Everyone was blown away by how amazing it was. The best part is, my mom made some meatballs too. With brown sugar and gross but addicting things, but nobody really liked it. Especially not as much as the morrocon meatballs with whole food ingredients. Woohooo. The rice inspired me to make my own cauliflower rice recipe. My brother thought it was actual rice, he loved it! This is pretty magical because my brother is the pickiest eater ever, especially when it comes to healthy foods.
To make cauliflower rice all you do is chop it up and pulse it in a food processor until it looks similar to rice. I seasoned mine with:
-2 tbs onion powder
-2 tbs garlic powder
-1 tbs chili powder
-1 tsp dried oregano
-1 tsp cayenne pepper
-1 tsp ground cumin
-Black pepper to taste
^Seriously tastes amazing together. My mom and I call this the magic seasoning.
Also added a pinch of lemon to it! Mmm.