Ew. Its Sunday. I really hate Sundays. School tomorrow ._. I hope I don’t have homework because I’m a bad student and don’t like to do it. Oops. Sorry mommy.

I haven’t tried that many recipes, as I’m so obsessed with trying to make my own. But once in a while I get tired of eating mush, and follow a recipe.

Like this one!
Click on it. I dare you. I promise you wont regret. Wanna know why? Well folks, that right there is pure delicious health. Cheezy quinoa casserole. No cheese. Tastes like cheese, but no cheese. This was seriously so good. Compliments to Michelle and Lori. I think i might have accidentally replaced one of the ingredients with crack or something..Because I ate almost the whole thing.

Yeah, there’s a candle in there. I had it on my birthday. 🙂

I also followed This heavenly recipe Well, I followed the chicken recipe on that page. It was great! I made it for my whole family and they loved it too. It wasn’t for a super bowl though 😦


I actually make this recipe a lot, it’s pretty easy and tastes great. Click here to add some flavor in you’re life without a whole lot of effort. Paleomg is my absolute favorite food blog

Yep well I think that’s it. Except for when I steal ideas from people on instagram, but I never remember whose recipe is whose.