Everyone loves milkshakes. It’s just a fact so don’t bother disagreeing. Well this is pretty darn close to a milkshake. And it’s delicious.


1/2 cup almond milk

2 tsp cinnamon

1 tsp unsweetened cocoa powder

1 cube dark chocolate

1 scoop chocolate protein powder

3/4-1 banana

1/5 tbs almond butter

Throw it in the blender and ta-da!

OR if you want to make it more ice cream or pudding like, you could replace the almond milk with greek yogurt and eat it in a bowl! (Except not blending the yogurt) But then it wouldn’t be paleo!

Yurrmm. Maybe I should start making my pictures all pretty and pro. Ha. Ya we’ll see about that.


Don’t judge. I’m in love.

Like oh mer gawd.

This morning I had just realized I couldn’t remember the last time I had pancakes. That was unnacptable. SO i made some paleo pancakes. AND THEY WERE DELICIOUS. It’s weird, that was probably my biggest meal in a while (I definitely had more than pictured…) but I haven’t felt this fit and amazing in so long! Well..Before I continued to eat like a million more pancakes. Now I just feel like a stuffed whale.

The recipe is so simple!

Makes 4-5 Small/Medium sized pancakes


1 cup almond meal/flour

1/4 teaspoon baking soda

1 Banana

Cinnamon to taste

1/2 Teaspoon almond extract (Or lemon extract. Optional)

4 tbs egg whites

1 tbs sunflower seed butter

1 tbs almond butter

3 tbs almond or coconut milk


Heat up your pan thing with some olive oil

Mix the almond meal, milk, baking soda, extract, 1/2 banana, and if you want some extra almond butter to taste

Seperate bowl, whisk the egg whites including lots of air in the whisking (This makes the pancakes fluffy!)

Mix the egg whites and other stuff together

Make like normal pancakes!

I topped mine with sun butter, almond butter, cinnamon, and the other half of the banana. I probably would have down a honey (Organic, raw) drizzle too but I couldn’t find any! Still tasted great too. If you want you could add some nutmeg to the mix too!

I ate this sitting next to my brother who was eating Krispy Kreme doughnuts. With these babies, I wasn’t even tempted.

My dad tried a pancake and loved it which made my day! I don’t think I’ve ever heard him actually compliment something healthy before. …I’m not even sure if he’s ate something healthy before. I kid, I kid. Kind of.


I didn’t have time to make it all pretty..I just wanted to eat it.

I just wrote a post with my paleo brownie recipe, my computer decides to have go insane and randomly delete it just as I finish. Then I decide to post my veggie fritata recipe, guess what happens?! I’m just about to click publish…And then…BAM. I want to kill this computer. But then I wouldn’t actually be able to post my recipes! So, since I’m loser who has nothing better to do on a Friday night, I’m going to share my veggie frittata recipe with you!

Frittata recipe


2 tsp extra virgin olive oil

5 tbs egg whites

Tofu and/or small sweet potato

1/4 cup eggplant or squash

1/4 sliced red bell pepper

1 tsp fresh parsley

1 tsp fresh basil

1/4 cup sun dried tomatoes

Black pepper to taste


1.heat pan over a med-low heat

2.add oil and potato, cook until soft (about 8 minutes)

3.add veggies and tofu

4.whisk eggs, including lots of air in the mixture

5.add seasonings to eggs then add the eggs to veggies

6.cook on low-heat until just set, about 3 min

7.finish frittata until golden under heated broiler

8.cut into wedges and top with whatever seasonings

This was my first time making a frittata and it looks really sloppy. Well it was really sloppy. But it still tasted amazing! I made mine with tofu!